Young Thai girl called Tan smiling on bed

Young Thai Girl At 7/11

So I popped in to the 7/11 just outside my hotel to buy a few cool drinks and snacks. Bumped into this cute Young Thai Girl who just started flirting with me! Her name was Tan and she was 19 years old. We had such a laugh together I invited her up to my hotel room.

And the evening just got better. From the hotel we went out to a large shopping mall to eat at the food court and then walked around all the fancy designer shops. Tan was making all these funny faces and poses everywhere and I was taking pictures of her with my mobile phone. Got some funny looks but we really didn’t care we were having so much fun together.

Then all of a sudden she disappeared on me! And I never saw her again after that night. Guess I should have got her phone number.