Thai Teen Village Girl in hotel room

Thai Teen Village Girl In Krabi

Walking along many of the streets in Krabi town is quite an experience. All the massage girls trying their best to pull you inside. It’s kind of flattering at first but after a while it got a bit too much for me. So I stopped in a restaurant to eat a good ol burger. I spotted a girl at a table next to me, all alone and very busy texting on her mobile phone. We got to chatting, her name was Noon and she was a Thai Teen Village Girl from the countryside nearby. And would you believe it she worked in a massage parlor!

After talking a while she tried to get me to go back with her to the massage place where she worked. But no I really didn’t want to do that. So I suggested we go back to my hotel room and she was fine with that. Had a great night with Noon and got her number so I can call her again sometime.