Thai Student In Chiang Mai looking bored lying on bed

Thai Student In Chiang Mai

My last day in town today, I am heading back to Bangkok for a few days before starting my long journey home 🙁 So I wanted to have some fun on my last day. My good friend Jiji, the cutest Thai Student In Chiang Mai, came over to party.

Jiji is a college student here, just 20 years old and boy does she love to party. I had a hard time just keeping up with her. Going from bar to bar with her was exhausting. She is a cute girl with braces but also a few tattoos. Maybe the tattoos should have been a bit of a warning sign. Once she had a few drinks in her she just did not stop. Like flicking a “let’s go completely nuts” switch.

Anyway we eventually staggered back to my hotel and passed out on the bed. Believe me the next day was very bad. Starting a long journey with a vicious hangover is never ever a good idea!