Sneaking Out of college to dress in schoolgirl costume

Sneaking Out Of College

The costume convention was still going on this morning. And can you believe it I met another cosplay girl and took her out to lunch. Turned out Wiw was supposed to be studying but she was a naughty girl, sneaking out of college to come to the convention. I guess she just loved dressing up in costumes. Or maybe she had a fetish about dressing up.

So we went out and had a good time together. She told me she had over twenty costumes that she had collected over the years. Did I want to see her in all of them? You bet! But I was only in town for a couple more days, so maybe on my next visit. We hung out for the rest of the day, went to a few malls and ate lunch. The afternoon went quickly and Wiw had to be back home by 5pm. She had to do some studying and get ready for college the next day.