Skinny Asian in Hello Kitty teeshirt graffiti behind her

Skinny Asian Girl-Next-Door Type

My last night tonight in Bangkok, on my way up to Chiang Mai. I went in to the 7/11 across the street from my hotel and met this Skinny Asian Girl-Next-Door type called May. Kind of a “I smiled at her she smiled back at me” kind of thing. Like I said she looked really skinny in her Hello Kitty teeshirt. I took a picture of her outside the store with all this graffiti behind her on the wall. May worked at a street market just around the corner. She was in a hurry to get back to work so we made a date to meet up later that evening and go eat someplace.

We met up later outside the 7/11 store. Jumped in a TukTuk and off we went to the MBK shopping mall to visit the foodcourt there. Had a nice meal and then we wandered around the mall shopping. May turned out to be quite a shy girl so I didn’t push it. And of course I was heading out early the next morning so I decided to call it a night and get some sleep.