Skinny Asian Babe smiling

Skinny Asian Babe From Sumatra

This evening I had a busy day so I ate in the hotel restaurant. I shared the elevator going up to my room with a very Skinny Asian Babe in a tight-fitting black dress. I started talking to her and she was quite upset. Seems she just had a big argument with her boyfriend. Mmmm. Interesting. So I invited her for a drink in the hotel bar. After a few drinks she calmed down and started smiling with me.

Her name was Rudi, a 24 year old originally from Sumatra but now working here in Batam. She also had quite a few tattoos which made her look kinda naughty. She was getting really friendly with me by now. It seemed to me like she wanted to get back at her boyfriend by going out with another guy. I decided to invite her up to my hotel room so we headed on up.
Skinny Asian Babe in sexy black dress
When Rudi left she gave me her mobile number. I will definitely be keeping in touch.