Pretty Chinese Girl wearing a bikini bottom

Pretty Chinese Girl In A Bikini

Met up with Fang and we went to the hotel breakfast buffet together. She had a large bag with her and she gave me a peek inside. It was her beach bag with bikini, towels and suntan lotion. So I was finally going to see a Pretty Chinese Girl in a Bikini. Rushed through breakfast and we headed down to the hotel pool.

We found a good spot with two sun beds under a large parasol. And then it was time to lie back and enjoy the sight of Fang in her tie-side bikini. My favourite type of bikini – how did she know?! Then she wanted me to spread lotion on her back and legs. Oh boy this sure was exciting, and much more than I expected. I hardly knew this girl and here I was rubbing lotion on her back. We had a great day just lounging at the pool, swimming and tanning.