Picture of Pretty Bali Girl with long brown hair

Pretty Bali Girl Nanda

Decided to go out to Kuta and went to a disco. But it was too loud and noisy for me so I walked down towards the beach. Ended up at a nice chill-out spot where I got talking to this really pretty Bali girl called Nanda. She was 20 years old, quite slim with long dark hair and nicely dressed. Nanda was great company, quite easy to talk to. The language barrier wasn’t much of a problem either because she had these big brown eyes that grabbed my attention and didn’t let go!

We spent a very pleasant evening there, had a few drinks and a nice meal. Local Balinese girls are usually quite conservative, so it was unusual to meet one so open and friendly. But who was I to question fate – I had met a Balinese girl who was cute, feminine and quite lovely. I was really into her but also wanted to play it cool. Take it slow and not mess up my chances of something more than just a casual friendship. Like most girls from conservative cultures like Bali my best plan of action would be to spend time with her away from nosy prying eyes. And go to great lengths to make sure that her reputation stays secure. Reputation is everything to these girls.

Nanda worked in a local hotel. She told me all about her job and what it was like, and from the sound of it she pretty much worked most of the time. Which I guess is an Asian thing, they really don’t take much time off for holidays or even short breaks. It also sounded quite bad because if you were a Pretty Bali Girl the harassment level was off the charts! And here was I thinking this was such a conservative country. Me the ignorant Westerner.

By then it was late in the evening and Nanda had to go. Got her phone number though, so I will definitely be seeing her again.