Cute Petite Lao Girl with hair in pigtails

Petite Lao Girl Cute Pigtails

Met this totally cute Petite Lao Girl with her hair kind of braided in pigtails. This was one of those totally random encounters that happen way too little! I had just stepped outside my hotel and there she was standing against the wall – looking so cute and pretty. I just had to stop and talk to her. She had a friendly smile and right away we hit it off.

Her name was Bell, she was just 18 years old and was waiting for a friend who worked in the same hotel I was staying in. So I turned on the charm and got her to ditch her friend and come out with me instead. Spending the day with Bell really made my Laos trip worthwhile. She was great company and we enjoyed a fun day together exploring Vientiane. Bell promised to call me tomorrow morning so we can spend the day together again and I sure am looking forward to it. Maybe I can even tempt her back to my hotel room later!