Naughty Malaysian girl in bedroom wearing top and jeans

Naughty Malaysian Girl Called Viviana

Gotta keep moving, it was time to change hotels. Found a nice new one on Chulia Street, Penang. A lot of bars, restaurants and hotels to choose from all along this street. And the street food is delicious. Later on I found a nice cafe with really large sofa’s. Sat down and ordered a cool refreshing drink. A tiny girl came in and sate down on the sofa next to me. We started chatting. Her name was Viviana just 19 years old and boy she sure was a naughty Malaysian girl!

Pretty Malaysian girl in cafe

She was drinking iced coffee but being so small maybe the caffeine was too much for her. Very chirpy and more than friendly, she was downright naughty! Wanting to know all about me and dropping some serious hints my way. Very pretty cute girl so I didn’t mind all the attention from her. And I just had to ask if she wanted a drink back at my hotel 😉 Viviana was up for that and so we ended up in my hotel room. She took her shoes off and jumped straight on the bed. Took this great picture of her, such a pretty girl. And so daring for coming up to my room!

Naughty Malaysian girl in bedroom wearing top and jeans

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