Naughty Asian Girlfriend in tight top peace sign

My Naughty Asian Girlfriend

Remember my Naughty Asian Girlfriend Fai? She is back, and yes we are together again. Because I just couldn’t resist her sexy eyes and cute smile. And of course those tight tops she always wears. Couldn’t possibly forget about those. I sure loved those bunny tops!

For our first “back together again” date we went to Think Park. It is such a great place to walk around, shop and eat. They have artworks everywhere and the trees are all strung with lights once the sun goes down. Some nice bars and cafe’s here with live music at night which makes this a very lively place in the evening. Possibly one of my favorite places to go to. We enjoyed a pleasant evening re-kindling our relationship. And we also drank a little too much and ended up back at my hotel. Certainly the perfect end to a fun-filled day.