Mixed race Girl on her mobile in a bar

Mixed Race Girl Indonesian Dutch

Went out to a bar in Kuta this evening. Saw a girl sitting all alone typing on her mobile phone. She looked part Asian, but not Balinese. Maybe a Mixed Race Girl. I was curious so went over to try and talk to her. She was friendly enough, her name was Aeda a nineteen year old from Bandung, Indonesia. Her father was Dutch so I was right about her not looking 100% Asian.

We chatted for a bit, she was friendly and not shy at all. Quite direct actually because she asked me to take her out for dinner! Aeda had very tight denim jeans on and high-heels so off with went with her strutting along next to me. She had a stunning figure and I tried not to stare. Really I did Well maybe just a bit 🙂

The food was good, company was even better. Aeda was a smart girl with an interesting personality. OK ok she had a hot figure, but she really was intelligent too. The kind of girl you could take home to meet your folks. Obviously not a working girl, she didn’t try to get me to take her back to my hotel room. All she wanted was to go out with a nice guy and have a fun time.