Malaysian Girl jet-black hair wearing red teeshirt

Malaysian Girl With Curves

My first day in Malaysia. Walked around Georgetown, Penang for a few hours to acclimatize and because I had some time to kill before meeting up with my Malaysian girl. After a few hours wandering just drinking in all the sights and smells I found her in a park which was fortunately quite close to my hotel. Her name was Ice, she was 20 years old with long jet-black hair and quite curvy. Unusual to find a chubby girl, looking around here most of the women seem to be quite slim. Well, you know what they say, real women have curves right?

Ice worked in a local restaurant as a cook. After a lot of giggles I discovered that she had never been out with a Western guy before. She took me to a nice little place where we had the most mouth-watering curry laksa. Soon it was nighttime and we went for a walk through the vibrant colorful streets. She held my hand and it felt nice. We were quite relaxed together now and enjoying each others’ company so I asked if we could go out again tomorrow. She smiled coyly and said yes.