Local Malay Girl called Vira in Penang park

Local Malay Girl Alone In The Park

My petite friend Yuli hasn’t called me since we spent the night together. Not sure why but my calls all go unanswered. So I went to the park again opposite the University looking for her. Didn’t see her anywhere. I sat down on a bench and after 20 minutes a pretty girl sat down next to me. We started chatting, her name was Vira a local Malay girl just 21 years old.

I asked if she was a student. No she worked at the University but would not tell me her job. I asked if I could take a picture of her and she said OK.

Local Malay Girl called Vira in Penang park

Very pretty girl and just my type too, petite and maybe a bit skinny. Not too skinny just right. I invited her out to lunch and off we went to the mall. Had a nice meal and then Vira took me to a few cool bars. We eventually ended up later that night back in my hotel room. I’m not missing Yuli so much anymore 🙂

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