Lao Girl in smart dress

Lao Girl Is A Hello Kitty Fan

I changed hotels this morning.  I thought that a change of scenery would be good. There is so much choice in Vientiane hotel wise. Went out for breakfast and stopped in the store just inside the lobby of my new hotel. There was a pretty young Lao Girl also shopping there. Obviously a big Hello Kitty fan, she was all kitted out in a cute jacket.

When I talked to her she smiled. She did seem surprised that a Western guy would approach and talk to her. Her name was May and she worked at the big market in Vientiane. It’s a huge open-air market that runs every night. Her parents owned a stall there so it was a family business. She had to work later but was free for a few hours. So I took a chance and asked her to come up to my room and she said yes. We spent the rest of the day together. I planned to visit the market that night so possibly will see May again. Although she might be embarrassed in front of her parents so maybe not such a good idea.