Lao Girl from Countryside takes me to Vientiane restaurant

Lao Girl From Countryside

My first night in Vientiane the capital of Laos and I met a girl already. Kai was a Lao Girl from countryside. Pretty girl always smiling. She was kind enough to take me shopping and show me around this beautiful city. At night it had a real French feel to it with the pavement cafe’s and restaurants along the Mekong River.

Kai chose a chilled-out riverside place with the most stunning views across the river. The food was Thai/Southest Asian so I knew it would probably be delicious. One important thing I discovered about Vientiane – don’t be in a hurry! This place is seriously chilled out. Seems like everything moves at a slow easy pace. Even more so than the other Southeast Asian capital cities I have been to. Just go with it and above all take your time. And if you are planning to dine at the riverside do not forget mozzie repellant. Those Lao mosquito’s will most certainly eat you alive if you give them half a chance.

Too much cold beer Lao later and I was ready to hit the sack. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings …