Gorgeous Chinese Tourist Fang posing in yellow dress

Gorgeous Chinese Tourist Fang

Saw this pretty Chinese girl in my hotel lobby this morning. She was sitting all alone so busy on her mobile phone. So I went and sat down next to her and we started chatting. Wow she really was quite stunning with such high cheekbones and beautiful sexy eyes. I was quite smitten. Turned out my gorgeous Chinese tourist was on holiday with her parents who spent most of the time in their room resting. Poor Fang was terribly bored and not enjoying her holiday at all.

I gallantly offered to take her out to a restaurant. Well she almost jumped in my lap she looked so happy. She loved the restaurant snapping everything in site with her mobile. The food was good too, kind of fusion between European and Bali/Indonesian. We had such a great time I wanted to see her again. So we agreed to meet up again the next day and either go sightseeing or go to the beach. Just the though of possibly seeing Fang in a bikini made me break out in a sweat!