Foxy Bangkok Babe with big smile

Foxy Bangkok Babe With Big Smile

On my way to lunch earlier I spotted this Foxy Bangkok Babe in very tight denim jeans. So I walked behind her for awhile checking her out. She turned out to be really funny because she soon noticed me and with a big smile asked me if I was some kind of deranged pervert following her around. But she said it with a great big smile so I knew she was just joking around.

We chatted for a while. Her name was Way, 25 years old and really funny. I got the impression she was sizing me up. Obviously she was looking for a Western boyfriend. So I asked her back to my hotel room and she was totally into it. Once we got back to my room she was very flirty and wanted to know all about me. Definitely hoping that I would be interested in her. We had a great day together and hopefully I will see her again tomorrow.