Visit from Flirtatious Thai Teen Lei

Flirtatious Thai Teen Friend

My Flirtatious Thai Teen friend Lei called my earlier this morning. She wanted me to take her out to lunch today, and I readily agreed. Today is my last day in Thailand. I am leaving for Laos tonight. So it would be great to have some fun company for my last day here.

Lei arrived promptly at my hotel to pick me up. She was in her usual bubbly mood, all smiles and flirty. We went to a seafood buffet ( eat as much as you want ) and Lei absolutely stuffed herself. I mean she was literally sick she ate so much. Boy oh boy Thai people sure do love eating prawns and crayfish. With a very spicy chilli dip of course!

I had a great time and now I am ready for my next exotic asian adventure – onwards to Vientiane Laos!