Double Dating Thai girls called Pey and May

Double Dating Thai Girl Style

Double Dating Thai style seems to be when a girl brings her friend with for your date. And then they both like you! And you like both of them too! So how do you choose between them? Well, in my case, you don’t have to choose. You just go out with both of them. At the same time too, if they don’t mind. And Thai girls like May and Pey don’t seem to mind at all. I’m kind of weird so I can do things like this.

So how does this whole Double Dating concept work? Well it’s important from the start that the two girls get along. Even better if they are close friends and really like each other. If not it’s only a matter of time before jealousy creeps in and then it’s finished. Finely balanced and in tune is the name of the game. And when you play this game well the rewards are unlike anything you will ever have experienced before!