Dating Asian Twins cute girls

Dating Asian Twins In Bangkok

I was going out with my Thai friend Pir in Bangkok one evening, and she wanted to bring her sister with. No problem here. But when I saw her sister Chompoo my jaw literally dropped! They were twin sisters, and boy did they look gorgeous together. Pir lived in Bangkok but Chompoo lived up in Chiang Mai, so they did not see each other very often. Dating Asian Twins was all I could think about.

Now all kinds of thoughts were running through my mind. I really liked Pir and we had a great time together. But wouldn’t it be even better with Chompoo too? Could I date both of them together? Well the three of us were out together, so I put on my best behaviour and charmed both these girls at the same time. But I needn’t have worried so much, they were quite relaxed about it and happy to share between the three of us.