Cute Malay student dressed in black

Cute Malay Student

Met a very cute Malay student earlier this morning. Her name was Rossa, and she was only allowed to go out for one hour at a time! Can you believe that?! Her parents were very conservative Malaysians. But she was so petite and cute with the most adorable smile, I just had to try my luck with her.

Rossa was studying to be an accountant which I couldn’t quite believe. What a waste. Such a pretty girl sitting in an office all day. I suppose she will get married to another accountant and they will have five kids who will all become accountants too. Not that I have anything against accounts! Anyway, it also turned out that she was going to Kuala Lumpur the next day to visit with family there. I asked for her number so I could call her when she gets back. Hopefully we can meet up then.