Cute Little Asian lying on sofa

Cute Little Asian Student In Chiang Mai

I have come to Chiang Mai for the weekend. Only an hour flight and it’s a lot cooler up here. I was also getting a bit tired of going to the beach every day. Checked into my hotel and then walked to the closest temple. I was taking photographs and met a Cute Little Asian student called Meen. As it turns out there are a few good universities in Chiang Mai, so there are a lot of students living here.

Meen showed me around Wat Chiang Mai, and all the best spots to take pictures from. Then we walked around the old city for a few hours. This is the perfect place for just wandering around. The old city is quite small with these quaint narrow streets and beautiful glittering temples. We stopped at the market around the North Gate and ate some delicious street food and all kinds of fresh fruit. Last stop – the North gate Jazz Bar to round off the perfect first day in Chiang Mai.