Cute Filipina Tourguide in her uniform

Cute Filipina Tourguide In Bangkok

Back in Bangkok I met up with my old flame Jennifer. She is a super cute Filipina Tourguide who works for a local airline in Bangkok. Jennifer took a quick lunch break so she could meet me at my hotel for lunch. Great to see her again. And boy did she look yummy in her sexy uniform! We had a laugh catching up on all she had been up to since we last went out. After lunch I invited her up to my hotel room but she had to rush back to work.

Making final preparations to head to Koh Lipe in the next few days, down in the Andaman Sea. It’s very close to the Malaysian border, and should be quite an adventure. I am really looking forward to visiting there. I heard about the island years ago, but never had the chance to go. The snorkelling is supposed to be amazing.