Curvy Thai Cutie called Dear

Curvy Thai Cutie From Ao Nang

Got on my hired motorbike today and headed out of Krabi town, down to Ao Nang beach. Parked up and wandered down the seaside. Bit of a tourist trap this place. I bet it was beautiful down here many years ago before all the hotels arrived. Eventually I found a good spot and hired a chair underneath some parasols for the day. There were some women giving massages there so I chose one I liked to give me a massage. Her name was Dear, 28 years old and she was really busty. So now you know why I chose her 😉 My very own Curvy Thai Cutie took good care of me.

First a nice relaxing massage in the shade. Honestly she wasn’t all that good but I was kinda mesmerised by her ample chest. After that we enjoyed a beer and some lunch together. And we ended up spending the rest of the day together. Got her mobile number too so we will definitely hook up next time I head down this way.