Empty swimming pool at holiday villa

Curvy Malaysian Surprise Visit

This morning, after my breakfast in the villa, I decided to take a swim in my private pool. Suddenly someone knocked on the garden door. I thought it was housekeeping but it was Febi, my curvy Malaysian friend! At first I was surprised, but she simply came to say hello and to perhaps spend the day here with me. Not that I mind surprise visits but I did have plans for the day.

She jumped in the pool for a swim with me. After our swim we dried off and moved inside the villa. Spent a few pleasant hours together but I really did have plans for the day. I literally had to chase Febi out of my villa, but at least she left happy. I told her to call me first before coming to my place again. You never know – I may have company!

At night, I went back to Georgetown to eat in a good Chinese restaurant.

Decorated walls in Chinese restaurant