Curvy Malay Girlfriend in short dress

Curvy Malay Girlfriend Visits

I have moved from my hotel to a fancy villa. Yes it’s all just to impress the ladies. I am so shallow I know 😉 On the subject of impressing ladies my Curvy Malay Girlfriend Ice came to visit me today. She was very impressed with this villa. Just as I had intended! She wore a very short dress and I followed her around as she went from room to room. I was very busy checking out her legs and curves. I do like a girl with curves. She was quite something in her little dress.

Ice stayed for lunch. We ordered in and enjoyed some noodle soup which is called Koay Teow Th’ng in Penang. It’s really good kind of like a Malay/Thai version of Ramen. All too soon Ice had to leave and get back to work. But as she had the next day off work we agreed that she would come over and we could enjoy a swim. Also that meant I could see her in a bikini for the first time. I just hoped she wouldn’t be too shy and wear a really boring swimsuit or something. Because I really do like bikini’s. Did I forget to mention that the villa has it’s own private swimming pool?