Curvy Asian Mommy wearing green dress

Curvy Asian Mommy Date

I went shopping in a market this morning and noticed this Curvy Asian Mommy checking me out. Well. Mmmm. What should I do? Hook up with her or just ignore her? I have dated older women before, and I must admit they were always interesting to go out with. More experience and all that. Of course you must be careful of jealous husbands. And I had absolutely no experience of the men in Bali.

In the end she approached me. I was a little nervous because this woman was looking at me like she wanted to gobble me up or something. We were flirting with our eyes as we talked and there was a good attraction between us. So I asked her to have dinner with me, without her husband of course! She just laughed.

Gigi and I met up later at my hotel and she took me to a great little place right on the beach. Nice traditional Bali style. Had a most noteworthy evening with Gigi because she was good company. Seems like I am to be a toy boy for an older woman!