Chubby Malay girl in short red dress

Chubby Malay Girlfriend

Having a great time here with my chubby Malay girlfriend Ice. Two date nights in a row now. She surprised me tonight by wearing a very short red dress. Quite revealing for a Malaysian girl. I didn’t mind though because she looked great in red with her pretty face and long black hair.

We stayed in my hotel for the evening and ate in one of the restaurants. Food was good but overpriced compared to going outside the hotel to eat. Company was great though and we enjoyed a pleasant evening together chatting. Ice told me all about her life here in Penang. It is a fascinating place with a lot of history. And like most places it has good and bad sides. I guess if you are a tourist like me you mostly only see the good side.

After dinner Ice had to leave for home, as she was out quite late and her parents would worry. I wonder if they knew she was out with a Westerner?