Big Butt Malay Chinese in denim jeans

Big Butt Malay Chinese Girl

Had a date today with a girl called Aprilia. She was a Big Butt Malay Chinese mix and she wore very tight denim jeans to show off her curves. You know how some girls walk with their hips swaying? Well you should have seen this girl in her skin-tight jeans!

We had a nice meal and then headed back to my hotel room. I walked all the way a little behind Aprilia, because I had to get a good view of all that jaw-dropping swaying going on. Seems like just the thing to see on a hot steamy Kuala Lumpur night. She definitely knew the effect she was having on me. Had a great time with her all night. That Malaysian Chinese mix sure gets me going!
Malay Chinese girl in black top and denim jeans