Best Mommy In Bangkok headshot

Best Mommy in Bangkok

I have this friend in Bangkok called Madmee. She’s older than I am ( 28 years old ) and has two kids. We met through a mutual friend but never went out together. Well she called me this morning and asked to see me. So we went out this evening and had such a cool time together. Madmee is without a doubt the Best Mommy In Bangkok.

She took me to a very cool bar in Bangkok. It’s on top of a hotel and the views were jaw-dropping. Seeing the city spread out really drives home just how large and sprawling this city is. All those people living out their lives in apartment buildings and condominiums so high above the ground. After the bar we ate some street food and then headed back to my hotel.

I am leaving Thailand tomorrow, heading back home to Europe. Sad to be leaving, but I have been travelling for a long time. It will be good to see home again!