Bangkok Stunner Jubjang in the morning just woke up

Bangkok Stunner Jubjang My Favorite

I booked my ticket to Kuala Lumpur, leaving Bangkok the next morning. It was time for me to try out Malaysia again. For my last day in Bangkok I wanted to lie in the sun and swim at my hotel. So I was relaxing at the swimming pool when I get a message from my all-time sweetheart Bangkok Stunner, named Jubjang. Really great girl I went out with a few times before. She was always working long hours. So it was difficult to spend quality time with her. It had been far too long since we last spoke. I was looking forward to seeing her again.

Jubjang and I met later that night at Sala Daeng BTS. It was the station closest to the office building she works in. I did not waste any time, we went straight back to the hotel to get reacquainted.
Bangkok Stunner Jubjang in the morning just woke up
What a night! What an amazing girl. I was so happy that we hooked up again. And a little sad I was leaving the next morning. But it was too late to change my flight. Jubjang ended up staying all night, only leaving in the morning. Which was very distracting for me. I ended up being so late I had to run at the airport to catch my flight!

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