Bangkok local Ae in the lift making peace sign

Bangkok Local Met on Bali Flight

Had my early flight to Bangkok this morning. Bali has quite a nice airport, with some interesting displays. Although I must say nothing like Koh Samui, that airport really is the most memorable throughout Asia I think. Met a Bangkok local on the flight called Ae. We were seated next to each other and chatted the whole flight.

Display in Bali Airport

It was a good flight. And Ae and I got along so well I invited her for a drink at my hotel. Ae agreed, as she was not in any hurry to go home yet. So we hopped in a taxi and went to my hotel. I checked in, grabbed a six-pack of beer in the little lobby shop, and we went up to my room.

Bangkok Local Ae drinking beer in hotel room

Ae turned out to be an interesting lady. Born and raised in Bangkok, but she always wanted to travel. Hence the recent Bali trip. So we chatted about her travels, drank a few beers and spent a pleasant afternoon together.

I will spend a few days here in Bangkok before heading up north to Chiang Mai. Plenty to see and do up there. I have booked my ticket and I’m looking forward to seeing Chiang Mai again. It has been a long time since my last visit.