Bangkok hairdresser called Milk in hotel room

Bangkok Hairdresser Gives Me A Trim

Badly in need of a haircut so I stopped in at the salon in my hotel lobby. Ended up feeling a bit nervous, would she understand what kind of cut I wanted? So I opted for just a trim. But I needn’t have worried, my Bangkok hairdresser Milk was a pro!

Gave me a nice professional trim and then asked if I wanted to join her for a drink in the hotel bar when she finished work. So we enjoyed a drink together and then moved to my room. Had a few drinks there too. Milk needed to unwind after being on her feet all day cutting hair. And I was just the guy to help this pretty girl do that!

Bangkok hairdresser called Milk in hotel room

She left later and then I logged on and booked my tickets to Bali. Really looking forward to it so stay tuned for all my Bali adventures!

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