Bali scenery garden gate entrance

Bali Scenery On My Last Walk Around

Some nice pictures here showing Bali scenery on my last walk around before leaving tomorrow. I will come back to Bali another time soon. After my walk this afternoon taking photographs, I stopped to eat in a restaurant. There were only two customers, myself and a lonely looking Chinese tourist. I decided to make a move and started to talk to her. She seemed to be quite friendly. On holiday here in Bali with a Chinese tour group. But she had a fight with two of her friends so she was eating alone. It turned out we were staying in the same hotel.

After chatting all through our lunch, I invited her to have a drink in my room. She said “yes” and I quickly paid the bill, anticipating an exciting hotel rendezvous with a pretty Chinese tourist. I was not disappointed. We spent the rest of the afternoon happily getting to know each other. I wanted to take a picture of her but she was too shy. All I could get was this one taken from behind.

Girl wrapped in towel by the window

Then all too soon she left. But she was happy to be going back to her friends on the tour.