Asian Cosplay Girls dressed up in schoolgirl uniform

Asian Cosplay Girls In Vientiane

I am staying in a fancy hotel here in Vientiane, and this morning there was some kind of convention going on in the lobby. All kinds of people dressed up in costumes. I zoned in on these two similar and very cute looking Asian Cosplay Girls. They were both Lao and their names were Bee and An. Very pretty and dressed up in college girl uniforms. Well to be honest their costumes were a little skimpy. Too skimpy for any college back home. Maybe they had different colleges over here 😉

So me and my two new friends went up to my room and I took a picture of them posing. Then we headed out to party. And boy oh boy did these two cosplay girls know how to party! The rest of the day ( and most of the night! ) went by in a blur of restaurants, bars and karaoke clubs. I eventually staggered back to my hotel in the small hours of the morning. Just before I passed out in my hotel bed I realised that I hadn’t got either of their phone numbers 🙁